The ADVANTAGES of the Barricade Buddy :

Barricade Buddy enhances safety by:

  • *** NEW FIBERGLASS CONSTRUCTION *** Providing you with a Non-Conductive & Non-Corrosive product.
  • Providing a professional set up which meets OSHA 1926.1424 requirements to protect individuals from being injured or crushed.
  • Providing a safer & trip free work area on and around outrigger mats.
  • Improving visibility.
  • Providing a light weight, easy to set up a barricade.
  • Assuring the operator that the barricade can be set up anywhere and maintained.
  • Barricading only the critical area around the crane.

  • Eliminates the Hassle of:

  • Driving stakes or rebar into the ground, reducing the risk of all energized hazards.
  • Using 55 gallon drums for barricades.
  • Vehicle & Foot traffic across outrigger mats.
  • Hauling heavy iron barricade stands.
  • Wrapping barricade tape around tires.
  • Damage to radiator fan seal, sucking barricade tape into fan and pumps.
  • Barricading off large areas which can create conflicts with other activities.

See it in use

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Easy setup

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Storage of the Barricade Buddy

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Safety and Health Regulations for Construction
09-11-2013 • Part Number: 1926 • Part Title: Safety and Health Regulations for Construction • Subpart: CC • Subpart Title: Cranes & Derricks in Construction • Standard Number: 1926.1424 • Title: Work area control.
OSHA Regulations
09-10-2013 About OSHA
New & Easy to use
09-11-2013 New Product Updates and Availability

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